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  • We make
    amazing apps

    IT-Systems develops applications for companies to support sales and marketing. Our customer projects combine first-class technical implementation with an attractive and modern visual appearance. We produce web and mobile programs, applications and tools for digital marketing and other technical solutions to support our customers' operations.

  • We care about
    our clients

    The publication of a project completed in close cooperation with the customer is always a great moment. Our passion for technology and our continuous efforts to provide excellent customer experiences keep us going.

Case studies

  • An application to encourage customer loyalty

    Muksuklubi is a loyalty application aimed at parents of young children. Muksuklubi offers an online store based on points, where points are collected or won by participating in competitions, for example.

  • An application to boost an association's activities

    The application we implemented for FDO is used to manage participation in competition series and a points scoring system, among other things. Participation is behind a paywall and various age range and participant number checks.

  • An application for sales and content management

    The sale and content management of books are intelligently combined in a single application in Atena's online store. For Atena we implemented a website and extensive control panel to manage authors, the relationships between authors and books, book information, orders and the actual content of the website.

  • A technical partner for online challenges

    As marketing and sales becomes increasingly centred on the internet, your technical partner has to be able to keep up with developments and to adapt to online implementations which can vary widely. Since 2010 we have implemented various online applications for Reima. The technical implementation of the reima.com website is our handiwork.

  • A Startup cloud application for the construction industry

    Taloinfo is a cloud application developed for communication with residents and for construction contract project management. This application is particularly interesting by the fact that it combines communication via six different channels.

  • Move towards a paperless office with an application for recording working hours

    The web-based working hours recording system significantly reduced working hours with regard to printouts and the transfer of Excel files and harmonised practices used at YSAO for recording working hours.

Tools and apps

  • Git

    An agile version control system which the management of even large projects fast and easy. Allows for several people to work on the same project.

  • Unit Testing

    A method of creating ready testing framework for each software function and sector. Using unit testing we can ensure that the software functions correctly in each stage of the development process.

  • Frameworks

    We use functional and secure frameworks which free up programming resources for the application's core functions. Examples of software frameworks include Zend, CakePHP and Yii.

  • SMS Gateways

    A telecoms network solution to allow text messages to be sent directly to phones from a computer. Useful for marketing, customer service & notifications.

  • Foundation

    A free collection of tools for creating websites and web apps from ZURB. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for a variety of tasks.

  • Twitter Bootstrap

    A design framework for ease of use in designing and laying out stunning and responsive websites. The most popular project on Github!

  • jQuery

    A multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify client-side scripting of HTML. Has additional libraries for UI and Mobile development.

  • PhoneGap

    A mobile development framework enabling developers to write mobile-native applications in HTML, JavaScript & CSS3.

  • Apache/nginx

    Server packages designed to serve HTTP web content and other related services such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP for emails.

  • Payment Gateways

    E-commerce solutions to allow payments to be made and received online, commonly via a client’s website. e.g. PayPal.

  • Content Management

    Systems designed to allow easy and quick methods of updating content on a website dynamically. e.g. Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, Wordpress.

  • Shopping Carts

    List goods and services on your website and allow users to order and pay for them. e.g. Magento.

  • Google Services

    Google offer a very wide variety of services for integration to your website ranging from charts and graphs to interactive, live-updated maps.

  • Tupas/3-D Secure

    Systems designed to increase security for online payments. TUPAS allows users to authenticate using their bank-issued OTP codes.

  • Video SEO tools

    Used to generate search-optimised profile data to help your video content appear more readily in online searches.


“A good web strategy allows your company to be bigger than is, speak louder and reach further. There's some food for thought.”
(march 1, 2013)