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Last week Google introduced a new API for Chrome

Last week Google introduced a new API for Chrome to allow HTML5 apps to sync offline data between devices. 

Currently it only offers Google Drive as a storage medium, although they state clearly in the design document that the API is not intended to allow apps to arbitrarily access user's documents, just app-specific data and there are indications that Google may allow developers to use other storage services in the future.

Technically speaking this is similar to existing HTML5 filesystem functionality, with the added twist of cloud storage for the data. It's a simple yet effective idea and should prove very useful for HTML5 developers, especially when/if the service is expanded to other storage platforms. That said, given that this is a Chromium project the chances are that their users already have Google Drive access.

Some possible uses off the top of our heads:

* Profile settings and preferences carry across platforms.

* Draft/notes written on mobile, ready for use by the time you get to the office.

* Report generation via back end stats engine, prepares presentation material for you by the time you walk from your desk tot he meeting room.

* Web games that can either be played cross-platform with shared save data, or even have optional extra content for mobile (Does anybody remember the Sega Dreamcast and their VMUs?)

One of the best parts of being a developer is reading about new tech and coming up with fun ways to implement it. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

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