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Yesterday, Microsoft released IE 10 for Windows 7

Yesterday, Microsoft released IE 10 for Windows 7, which in and of itself isn’t that interesting, but what IS interesting is that IE10 on Windows 8 was the first browser to natively support touch based interfaces. This got me thinking abouthow best to include touch interaction as part of a website or app, so I naturally fired up my browser (Chrome, since you asked) and went googling.

As it happens, there is already a library available which can detect and let developers take advantage of, multiple browser/hardware features including touch. Modernizr.com is a neat little tool that executes on page load, detects available features and then generates a JavaScript object of the results, allowing you to test for and adapt to a variety of conditions. It also adds classes to your html elements, allowing you to easily key your CSS accordingly, and even supports conditional loading of external .js and .css files.

This is really cool for web developers like us, since it’s an great way to integrate as much rich-content, responsive-design good stuff as possible into one site that works across platforms and plays to each platform’s strength.

If you’re interested in checking out Modernizr for yourself, take a look at http://modernizr.com/

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