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TechCrunch recently published an article* about Jackthreads

TechCrunch recently published an article* about Jackthreads, a men’s fashion retail site which has experienced explosive growth in traffic and revenue from mobile users - some customers even discovering the site for the first time via mobile - a great example of the growth of the mobile platform in web usage over the last few years. Statcounter.com reports that mobile users account for 14.18% of web traffic as of Jan ‘13, an increase of almost 50% from 2012 and over 100% growth since 2011.

As a web development company, we have to be aware of all of our client’s potential customers’ needs, as well as advocating why it’s a really good idea to cater for mobile users. Ben Lerer, CEO of JackThreads parent company Thrillist, described mobile users as their “perfect customer” due to their role in helping their site go viral via their iOS app, as well as their tendency to buy immediately and forward the site on to their friends just as quickly.

From the article; “Mobile is…mind-boggling. There are days now where, literally, over a thousand orders will be placed just on an iPhone. There’s real volume behind the iPhone now – it’s not just a toy,” he says. “The most important part is that it’s not cannibalizing web. We’re way ahead of our projections and our plans because of this mobile growth…it’s not just a shift, it’s found money and found business on top of what we had anticipated the business to do.”

Multiple Platforms, One Website

Mobile web development has come a long way in 10 years and development practices have thankfully moved past the headache of producing two or more (!) websites per project in order to cater to different platforms. Something we’re very proud of here at IT-Systems is our ability to build a single site to serve multiple platforms by taking advantage of technology such as the Bootstrap framework to give us a fluid layout design flexible enough to serve mobile, tablet and PC users, as well more specialised platforms such as digital signage.

We encourage anybody with an interest in web design & development to look into fluid and responsive design practices and learn how to to make the most out of cross platform design.


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“Hyvä webstrategia mahdollistaa yrityksen näyttää isommalta, puhua kovemmin ja tavoitella pidemmälle. Siinä hieman ajateltavaa.”